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Joensuu guides provide tours in the city of Joensuu by foot, bicycle, and bus.
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A bus tour is a quick way to learn about the city of Joensuu.
You will get a closer look on the attractions and sceneries in Joensuu on a walking tour.
A bicycle tour suits environmentally conscious travellers, or smaller
groups who are on a low budget but want to cover a wider area. You can
rent bikes in Joensuu, and the city is mostly flat and easy to ride.

We also provide guided tours in the museums and in the City Hall.

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Joensuu – the city with eight bridges

Nikolai I, the emperor of Russia, founded the town of Joensuu at the mouth of the river Pielisjoki in 1848. In those days, there were only about a hundred inhabitants in the village of Joensuu. Today, Joensuu is a mixture of a lively city and idyllic countryside with some 77 000 inhabitants.

Joensuu has 34 km of common border with Russia and is the biggest city in North Karelia.

The river Pielisjoki, flowing through the city, has long been the heart of Joensuu. You can always find something new and interesting about local history, architecture and culture on both banks of the river, no matter how many times you have been strolling there.

Penttilä, the new and modern part of the city on the east side of the river, reflects its history of saw industry with its naming policy and the multiple works of art. Construction in the area is still ongoing and it will take years before Penttilä is finally completed.

Most buildings were made out of wood for many decades, although only a few merchants’ and civil servants’ living quarters from about 1850 to 1900 remain to this day. The City Hall (1914), designed by Eliel Saarinen, is the gem of the western bank of the river, currently housing city administration, theatre, and theatre restaurant.

Karelian lifestyle and captivating atmosphere in the various summer events will charm any holiday maker.