We provide tours in the town of Joensuu by foot, bicycle, and bus around the year.

A bus tour is a quick way to learn about the town of Joensuu and do some sightseeing in multiple districts, even in the rural parts of Joensuu. You will get a closer look on the attractions and sceneries on a walking tour, whereas a bicycle tour suits environmentally conscious travellers, or smaller groups who want to cover a wider area.

We have developed some guided tours as you can see below, but we are always open to our customers' wishes, including the content and duration. Are you more interested in art and architecture, history and business, or do you just want an overview of the town to get the best of your stay in Joensuu? We also provide guided tours in the North Karelian Museum HILMA, in Joensuu Art Museum ONNI, and in the Joensuu Town Hall.

Tour languages: Finnish, Swedish, English, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, German.

Please contact Airi Okkonen to order our guide services, tel. +358 45 894 7557, airi.okko@gmail.com

Merchants' Joensuu

Guided Walking Tour

Did you know that Joensuu was a bustling and vibrant merchant town already in the 19th century, and its influence can still be seen today? On a guided walking tour, you will enhance your knowledge and experience of the pleasant wooden town's past and present. Join the Merchants' Joensuu Tour!

Duration: 1 hour

Ilosaari - The Isle of Joy

Guided Walking Tour

I wish you welcome on an exciting tour in Ilosaari, which is Joensuu's traditional place to have fun. It is a year-round meeting place for the locals, an oasis in the middle of the town. When walking on the trails and the swimming beach, we will hear interesting stories about runesingers, rockers, ice swimmers, and explosions.

Duration: 1 hour

Houses With Tales - Architectural Gems of Joensuu

Guided Walking Tour

What have the architects considered while creating their designs? What kind of style ideals have influenced them? What about newly invented building techniques? Discover the architecture and history of the buildings in the heart of Joensuu on this guided walking tour.

Duration: 1 hour

Public tours in summer 2024:
August 17 (Sat) at 1 p.m.

Meet us in Park Vapaudenpuisto, Rantakatu 20
Price: 10 €, cash

Exploring Murals and Artworks

Guided Bicycle Tour

Joensuu is a promised city of public artworks and cycling.
In recent years, Finnish and international artists have painted murals in the center of the town, and the percent for art principle has resulted in diverse artworks in the new residential area Penttilä. A safe tour on the extensive cycling network allows you to enjoy the beauty of art along with physical activity.

Duration: 1-2 hours per request

This tour was developed in cooperation with Visit Joensuu.

North Karelian Museum Hilma

Guided museum tour

The North Karelian Museum has a wide collection of items and photographs from North Karelia region and Ladoga Karelia, creating a comprehensive view on local history. In addition to the permanent exhibitions, the museum has also changing exhibitions on old to contemporary history and art, and a miniature museum street for children's playground.

Note: The museum is closed for renovation in 2024 except for Mukulakatu (Children's Street playing area).

Art Museum Onni

Guided museum tour

Art Museum Onni is located in an old lyceum building from 1894, designed by architect Theodor Decker. Joensuu Art Museum was opened in 1981 after a renovation. The core of the permanent exhibitions are the notable collections of Classical Antiquity, Chinese art, and European church art, donated by Academician Onni Okkonen.