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Joensuu – the city with seven bridges

Nikolai I, the czar of Russia,  founded  the town of Joensuu at the mouth of the river Pielisjoki  in 1848. In those days there were only about a hundred  inhabitants in the village of Joensuu.  Today  Joensuu  is a mixture of  a lively city and  idyllic countryside with some 76 000 inhabitants.

The length of the common border  between  Joensuu  and  Russia is 34 km.

The river Pielisjoki flowing through the city is in the heart of Joensuu.  You can stroll along  both of its  banks for hours and always  find something new and interesting about history, architecture and culture there.

 The new part of the city, modern  Penttilä , built on the eastern side of the river with its works of art reflects the earlier history of the area with saw industry. The area is not completed yet and building will go on for years.

What is left of the old wooden Joensuu are some merchants’ and civil servants’  houses  from  about 1850-1900 in their quarters. The city hall designed by Eliel Saarinen (1914) is the pearl of the western bank of the river housing  city administration, theatre and theatre restaurant.

Karelian life style and exciting summer events will capture the spirit of every holiday maker.

Please feel welcome to see and enjoy the pleasant atmosphere of Joensuu!